21 Beer


Cheers 21!

21 is the celebratory beer. It is the beer for the toast, to celebrate friendship with great taste and Italian style.

Inspired by the classic red ales, it has a warm character and a pleasant, sweet note of honey.

We dedicate this beer to the year that is ending and to health. Cheers!



Amber, naturally cloudy, with persistent foam.
Fruity with banana notes and floral.
Rounded, fruity, honey, with toffee notes.

The intensity of this beer and the complexity of its flavors make 21 perfect to pair with rich flavored food.

Hard ripened cheese such as Gruyere, Cheddar and Parmigiano combine perfectly with 21.

Rich spicy cakes and biscuits are also a perfect match for this celebratory beer.

Liberica Beer


Finally! Black Goodness!

Fermento Liberica, an awarded Dry Stout, with roasted flavours, that blends Stouts’ coffee and chocolate with cacao and toffee notes in a light body.
Perfect with meat: Liberica pairs perfectly with savory BBQ and red meats, matching perfectly with smoky aromas. Liberica pairs also with mature cheese as e.g. Cheddar and Gruyere.



Black. Naturally unfiltered.
Chocolate, coffee, vanilla. With notes of black pepper.
Dry, intense, mainly coffee, dark chocolate.

With its rich and intense flavor, Liberica pairs with smoked grilled fish or red meat and with hard cheese: Gruyere, Gouda, or mature Cheddar.
White and dark chocolate and spoon desserts, e.g. Tiramisu are also a perfect match.

Amber Ale

Amber Ale

What Ales!

The Fermento Amber Ale is unfiltered beer prepared according to the unique fermentation recipe of rich aroma of hops with an elegant bouquet.

Finely selected mixture of malts balances aromas of hops and malts, while yeast gives unique mildly fruity taste.

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Amber, naturally cloudy, with a fine perlage.
Floral, gingerbread with notes of chocolate and black tea.
Malty, orange, pine and caramel.
Swiss hard cheese, e.g. Gruyere and Bergkäse, or gourmet salami and hams.
Golden Breeze

Golden Breeze

The Golden Drink of Gods!

The Fermento Golden Breeze, prepared according to the Pils old traditional recipe, is an unfiltered golden drink of gods.

This beer, fermented with a special yeast working at cold temperatures, delights with its freshness coming from the malts and its hoppy aroma notes.



Golden/Blond and naturally cloudy.
Gently malty with a breezy hop note.
Refreshing, thirst quenching, with a balanced aroma of malts and hops.

BBQ, both meat and fish. Mediterranean antipasto with green olives, dried tomatoes. Soft cheese: goat cheese, and Buffalo mozzarella in Caprese preparation with tomato, basil, and extra-virgin olive oil.

Mistral Beer

Mistral Beer

Refreshing Your Summer!

Fermento Mistral is our modern Weizen new summer beer.

The powerful and northwesterly blast, known as the Mistral wind, funnels down the Rhône River Valley and sweeps into the Mediterranean.

Refreshing the air, bringing cool breezes, and making everything come alive.

Mistral (Maestro), named after the ancient Roman nautical wind rose, would always direct Italian sailors back home to Rome. 



Blonde/white, naturally unfiltered.
Fruity with hints of light banana and mango.
Refreshing, crisp and dry with mild exotic fruit aromas.

Soft cheese: Mozzarella and Burrata. Salads: Cesar, Greek, Caprese. Vanilla icecream, fruit cream cakes, white and milk chocolate.