Mistral for your summer!

We are proud to introduce Fermento Mistral, the first in our Seasonal Beer Series. Each seasonal beer will be a limited-time offering centered on the season’s essence.  Amber Ale and Golden Breeze will continue to be offered year-round.

Our inaugural offering, Fermento Mistral, brings thirst-quenching hints of summer fruit,  exotic flavors, and freshness to your glass. Just as the Mistral wind sweeps into the Mediterranean, invigorating everything with cool breezes.

Fermento Mistral has the distinct freshness of a classic Weizen beer, unfiltered and made with a heart of wheat, providing persistent foam on top of your glass.

Perfectly selected yeast produces a characteristic banana aroma. This beer will delight you much like the season’s first visit to the sea. The balance of hops provides a very mild bitterness and will charm you with the exotic flavor of mango, pineapple, and white peach.

Fermento Mistral Beer is perfect as mid-afternoon beer on a sunny day or a compelling alternative to after-dinner cocktails on warm summer evenings.

Sorbet, fruit-based cakes, white and milk chocolates are optimal food pairings. We suggest a luxurious North American specialty, the Beer Float, for a new twist. To make this treat choose a tall glass, add a scoop or two of high-quality vanilla ice cream.  Next, pour the Mistral Beer over the ice cream and wait until it floats to the top of the glass. Enjoy with a spoon.

Fermento Mistral will be brewed in limited quantities and sold only in selected locations.

We would love to hear about your summer experience with Fermento Mistral, and if you try a beer float, please let us know what you and/or your guests think of it.