Raffaele De Nicola - Brewer and founder of Fermento BreweryRaffaele De Nicola - Brewer and founder of Fermento Brewery

Calm, friendly, always up for a beer with friends or meeting new people.

I have a real passion for brewing, discovering new beers and most of all enjoying them together with great food.

Cooking and preparing delicious dishes with simple ingredients is also something I enjoy. I cook mainly Italian, but often I try out recipes from other cuisines. I also practice karate with enthusiasm and dedication.

I don´t like neutral and tasteless beer. When I buy a beer, I always go for craft.

Sara Haruka De Nicola - Food and beer pairing managerSara Haruka De Nicola - Food and beer pairing manager

Sociable and hard worker, I am very innovative and open minded. I appreciate the traditions but also like the new, particularly regarding food.

My passion is to bake and eat excellent food. Since childhood, I have been raised eating both Italian and Japanese food. I found both cuisines just amazing. Already, as a young teenager I have been baking, delighting myself to find new tastes in my food preparations. It gives me great pleasure and motivation for the future that all those who try them love my creations.

I also like going to the gym to keep fit and to relax. Life is sometimes a bit hectic with school and work and I need a physical break.

Cornelia Zeisser - Event Organizer & ManagementCornelia Zeisser - Event Organizer & Management

Friendly, open, and always curious about the exciting new beer creations coming out of Fermento Brewery. Enthusiastic about discovering interesting and innovative beer – food combinations.

I enjoy organizing events and translating website content to enhance product accessibility for our valued Fermento customers. Great chocolate is a passion and I am always up for enjoying a bit of that with a nice piece of music for relaxation and inspiration. Aside from that, I enjoy the privilege of caring for two loving pet rabbits.

Andrea Piroli - Band DesignerAndrea Piroli - Brand Designer

Nurturing the love for what's natural, whether it's hops or the plant Monstera, since '95.
One of those people that asks a lot of questions.
During the week, you can find me designing all sorts of stuff, playing with photoshop and marketing tools. On weekends, I spend most of the day in my garden and spare some time to discover new cocktail bars and pubs in the evening.

Giorgio Carrozzini - Web DirectorGiorgio Carrozzini - Web Director

Multifaceted, first-generation computer enthusiast, I am a creative and cooperative person who enjoys working in teams, particularly of like-minded developers. I love to be challenged in new projects, as for example bringing  Fermento beers to the market, and of course to challenge the others….

I consider myself a "Web Director".... like an orchestra conductor, I am skilled to see all the instruments of the web coordinated in one great symphony.

I was sure I hated beer until I met Fermento beers. Now I love beer!