James Joyce

Restaurant & Bar

Pelikanstrasse 8, 8001 Zürich


From Ireland to Switzerland, James Joyce bar was the iconic Irish bar of the former Jury's Hotel in Dublin. In 2004, when the long-established house was demolished, the bar furnishings of the hotel's "Jury's Antique Bar" were put up for auction. James Joyce bar then came to Zurich.

Just as his favorite bar, the famous poet also moved to Zurich, where he spent the last years of his life. Now James Joyce is resting in peace and his grave can be found at  Fluntern cemetery in Zürich.

Come over to honour James Joyce at his favorite bar. The place has a classic atmosphere but also a modern touch. Food is great and includes several Irish traditional dishes, such as the James Joyce burger and the Irish stew, two unmissable Irish classics.

Irish are well known for their appreciation of high-quality drinks. At James Joyce, a large selection of whisky, wines and great beers are part of the bar`s extensive drink menu.

Irish beer is renowned for its stouts and ales. Story says that in Ireland, stout beers were prescribed to people with health problems and in need to recover their energy and  well-being( Ales also have a long-standing tradition in Ireland, although they were not known to have similar therapeutic properties.

Fermento Brewery is honoured to be represented at James Joyce bar, with two red beers (ales): the Amber Ale and the 21. (Fermento Beers:

Amber ales have always been consumed with Irish classic dishes. It is pure poetry to drink a Fermento Amber Ale with high-quality burgers, beef filet and Irish stews. The great aroma of the hops perfectly matches the roasted and stewed beef.

The 21 is a honey beer the special aroma of which  you won’t forget easily. Brewed as a classic British ale, it has a honey touch that makes this beer much more flavourful and rounded  than a regular ale. You will be very delighted by this unfiltered beer, drunk alone or together with mature Cheddar cheese or with spicy cakes or biscuits.

Toast Ireland, St. Patrick, poetry and friends at the James Joyce Bar and restaurant. Do it best with the craft beers of Fermento Brewery.

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