George Bar & Grill

Restaurant & Bar

Gessnerallee, 5 - 8001 - Zurich

Website: George Bar & Grill (

George Bar & Grill is one of the trendiest and finest restaurant bars downtown in Zurich. Elegant and serving fine food, George Bar and Grill has a very informal and friendly atmosphere. It is located next to the Zurich Casino and overlooks Zurich rooftops from a wonderful terrace.  

The venue has a great vibe and is decorated in British style, that immediately invites you to join the bar counter, just next to the smiling and skilled barmen. You can also opt out to sit in one of the tables overlooking the city or on the side facing the beautiful hills surrounding Zurich (reservation is mostly necessary).

The kitchen offers very tasty meals including grilled ones. We suggest having a beer with taste while eating one of the most exquisite grilled steaks. Red Beer matches very well with grilled meat and Fermento Amber Ale is more than a valid and modern alternative option to the classic red wines.

George Bar & Grill offers exclusive drinks including special cocktails prepared by Fabian and team or a selection of only the finest wines and beers. Fermento Amber Ale beer is the only craft beer, served among the only three beer types available at the bar. Diners and guests love the elegant hop aroma of this unfiltered beer.

So, why not have a Swiss beer to enjoy the time at George Bar and Grill in Italian style?