St. Johanns-Rheinweg 46, 4056 Basel, Schweiz


Cargobar is a place of art, music, and fantastic drinks. It is located on the Rhine River just under the Johanniterbr├╝cke, with the main entrance no more than 5 meters from the riverbank. 

The atmosphere is extremely friendly, which makes it the perfect place for an informal and inspiring evening with friends. You can get a new taste of Basel culture every day, whether it is art, live music or theatre. We recommend to check-out the events program on the Cargobar website for further information. 

We met Claude and his team at Cargobar on his birthday. Fermento beers were introduced as part of the Birthday toast with close friends and customers. Immediately, we felt welcomed and were certain, that this is the right bar for our Fermento beers: inclusive, fun, and refreshing. 

We can wholeheartedly recommend a special evening at Cargobar, best enjoyed with our refreshing Fermento beers!

And to celebrate Swiss Day 2023, on April, 28th 2023, we are at Cargobar for a taste of all our Swiss beers, made with our Italian heart and passion.

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