6 Pack - Mistral (WEIZEN)

Price: 27,30 CHF

Mistral Beer

Fermento Mistral is our modern Weizen new summer beer.

The powerful and northwesterly blast, known as the Mistral wind, funnels down the Rhône River Valley and sweeps into the Mediterranean.

Refreshing the air, bringing cool breezes, and making everything come alive.

Mistral (Maestro), named after the ancient Roman nautical wind rose, would always direct Italian sailors back home to Rome. 


Blonde/white, naturally unfiltered.
Fruity with hints of light banana and mango.
Refreshing, crisp and dry with mild exotic fruit aromas.

Soft cheese: Mozzarella and Burrata. Salads: Cesar, Greek, Caprese. Vanilla icecream, fruit cream cakes, white and milk chocolate.