6 Pack - Liberica (STOUT)

Price: 27,30 CHF


Fermento Liberica, an awarded Dry Stout, with roasted flavours, that blends Stouts’ coffee and chocolate with cacao and toffee notes in a light body.
Perfect with meat: Liberica pairs perfectly with savory BBQ and red meats, matching perfectly with smoky aromas. Liberica pairs also with mature cheese as e.g. Cheddar and Gruyere.


Black. Naturally unfiltered.
Chocolate, coffee, vanilla. With notes of black pepper.
Dry, intense, mainly coffee, dark chocolate.

With its rich and intense flavor, Liberica pairs with smoked grilled fish or red meat and with hard cheese: Gruyere, Gouda, or mature Cheddar.
White and dark chocolate and spoon desserts, e.g. Tiramisu are also a perfect match.