The 4 Best Weizen Beer Food Pairings

Weizen beer (or Weissbier) is refreshing and has a mild bitterness. This beer style is originally from Germany (Weizen) and Belgium (Witbier). 

They contain a high percentage of wheat, hence the name Weizen which means wheat in German. Generally, a 1:2 ratio of wheat to barley malts is typical. Classic German Weizenbier contains malt, wheat, yeast, and hops. Belgian Witbier includes two additional ingredients: orange peels and coriander. 

The characteristic fruitiness of the Weizen beer is mainly banana notes and originates from the yeast. The clove aroma is imparted from the yeast as well. Since the yeast remains in the beer, it is characteristically cloudy except in the case of Crystal Weizen, which is filtered from the yeasts and, therefore, also has a less fruity aroma.

A higher level of carbonation, which provides an extra refreshing feeling, combined with the mild alcohol content, makes the Weizen beer a prime choice for summer.

The optimal temperature to serve Weizen beer is 7°C (44°F). Cooled and rinsed vase-shaped glasses are the traditional choice. Because the yeast settles at the bottom, pour the beer in two steps to achieve the best taste and aroma experience. 

  • Pour most of the beer into the glass until 2 cm (3/4 of an inch) remains in the bottle. 
  • Swirl the remaining beer in the bottle to capture the yeast from the bottom, and then quickly pour it into the glass to ensure that it is floating within the beer. 

We discussed the best glass of beer at home in an earlier article.

Here are our recommendations for “The 4 Best Weizen Beer Food Pairings”:

  1. Cheese – Weizen beers pair very well with soft cheese. Particularly burrata, an Italian cheese with a creamy heart. Eaten alone or with a drizzle of olive oil and often surrounded by fresh-cut tomatoes. Mozzarella and goat cheese are also discerning options. 
  1. Salad – Classic summer salads such as the Cesar salad, with or without Chicken, Greek salad with Feta cheese, or a simple Caprese Salad seasoned with basil are excellent pairings with Weizen beer.
  1. Fish  – Weizen beers are among the best beer styles paired with fish dishes, particularly roasted but also raw, like Sashimi and Sushi. The Belgian Weizen pairs very well because of the slightly citric taste from the orange peel character.
  1. Dessert – Fruit-based or custard creme cakes and pies are optimal food pairings for Weizen Beer. Classic vanilla ice cream, which pairs beautifully on its own, gets a new twist with an *American Beer Float* (*link Mistral For Your Summer 2021 05 18 Weizen) for those who dare. We mentioned this in a previous *article Mistral For Your Summer 2021* and have heard all positive feedback. (*link Mistral For Your Summer 2021 05 18 Weizen)

The Fermento Brewery special edition, seasonal brew for Summer ’21, Fermento Mistral, is now available! An entirely new creation, using a special hop presenting an exotic aroma of mango, pineapple, and white peach without extra bitterness. 

We look forward to hearing about your exciting food pairings with your favorite Fermento Beer. We wish you happy pairing.