Silver Award for the Stout

A few months ago we decided to take part in the Swiss Beer Awards—one of the major contest s for craft breweries to showcase their products and have top beer sommeliers try their crafts.

It looks like sommeliers tried our Liberica, enjoyed it, and judged our Stout deserved their Silver Prize for the best Stout Beer!

We put a lot of effort into crafting the recipe for our Liberica Stout and spent quite some time perfecting the way we wanted it to taste. We wanted the malts to hint towards those peculiar chocolate-and-coffee notes but we also did our best to let the beer itself feel fully balanced.


Looks like we succeeded, and our Liberica has been awarded a prestigious prize, that makes our Liberica the best Dry Stout among 400 other craft beers.

We’re proud of this recognition, and wanted to share our happiness with those who tasted it before the beer was launched, and those who tried it, bought it, or drank it with us at our events. Thank you for having been part of this journey, and for the feedbacks and support you gave us.